Welcome to Columbia Unwound

We are a super friendly social group based in the Columbia, Maryland area for those who are a bit more adventurous and or open in their lifestyle choices, and those who are new to exploring their sexuality while trying to promote safety and acceptance of those who choose to live “alternate” lifestyles.

Columbia Unwound regularly hosts event such as happy hours, munches, educational classes and other events for like-minded people to meet, make new friends and unwind in a safe, social, no pressure atmosphere where you can be yourself. We also host semi-private and private events like cookouts, movie and game nights, dinners, trips and more.

We primarily operate through our group on FetLife.com, we also have a group on MeetUp.com, you can also find those and other links to us under the Where You Can Find Us page. Although our group is based around the Columbia, Maryland area, we also host event outside of the area and there are no limits or exclusions for anyone who wants to come out and and join us!

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