Our Story

Columbia Unwound was established in October of 2012 and started as a meetup / munch group with the idea of creating a small, local area group for those of us between Baltimore, MD and Washington D.C. area. In the beginning we figured we would have at about 10-15 people attending our monthly munch and we could get to know a few others in the "lifestyle", little did we know that we'd have 35-40 people attending our third happy hour.
Within a year and a half we quickly evolved into something more, and grew to having well over 1200 members and took our place in the local community because of the encouragement and support of our members and other groups around us!

We want to create a place that you can be as close to 100% of who you really are.

For more of us than not, we have to hide who we are from our families, employers and co-workers, neighbors, and others who surround us everyday, we only get to be 40, 50, 70 % of who we really are while hiding the rest with the fear that we will be found out. With Columbia Unwound we wanted to create a place that you can be 100% of who you are without the judgement and fears that comes with our everyday lives.

It's important us to stress that while we've had people meet and start relationships at our events, this is not a "hookup" group, please do not use it as such. We work hard to promote a stress free social atmosphere.