Consent, all play must be consensual play, nobody at a Columbia Unwound event is ever expected to play or participate in a scene, "implied consent" does not exist within Columbia Unwound.

Confidentiality is important; respect others and their privacy in and outside of events.

• The decisions of the Dungeon Monitors (DM's) are FINAL. Any person or persons not responding to a DM's instructions shall be removed from the premises.
Any concerns you have should be raised with a Monitor, or staff member, but never interrupt a scene yourself. Report any issues, injuries or problems with individuals or equipment immediately to a DM. If you feel a scene is out of control or the participants are too inexperienced for that scene, report it to a DM immediately.

Play spaces can and sometimes will incorporate as many types and styles of play as there are people at the event. If you see something that you find unsettling, walk away and find somewhere else to be for a while.

Safe Words b

         “Yellow” to indicate ‘slow down’ or ‘too hard’

         “Red” to indicate ‘stop the scene completely’ 

         “Green” to check in, ‘is everything OK?’

• Never interrupt. If someone is preparing for a scene do not approach them without permission, if someone is providing aftercare, please do not approach them at all. Do not invade a scene space or talk to anyone while they are in a scene and never join a scene unless you have been specifically asked to do so, even if a scene looks spontaneous or chaotic. Keep a respectful distance at all times and keep conversation, laughter and comments to a very low volume in the playspaces.

• Edge play. Make sure you check the event details to see if it's an "All Play Is Ok" event, otherwise the following items and playing styles will need to approved prior to being brought into an event or play space and any person(s) wishing to engage in “edge play,” must first inform a Manager and DM. If you have any doubts or questions about this, please speak with the Manager/s.

• Blood play, needle play, knife play and hook suspension.
• Fire, fire cupping, fire flogging, fire play, and wax/wax play
• Whips single tales and floggers longer than six (6) feet.
• Breath and asphyxiation play.
• Electric Play involving Tasers, Stun Guns, Prods etc (Violet Wands and Tens are ok).
• Scat play and "Water Sports" are not ok at any time.

No firearms or replicas, “projectile weapons”,
blades longer than ten (10) inches what so ever,

  • Vegas rules apply. This does not mean that we condone or will tolerate all immoral or illicit acts.  This does mean that every attendee (Staff, member, provisional member, volunteer, etc.) had the right to privacy and that what is done at a Columbia Unwound event remains the business of those participating in that act and shall not be discussed in detail (i.e. names, titles or screen names are used) anywhere outside Columbia Unwound by anyone other than the particiant. 

 For example:

“I saw Master XYZ do an incredible flogging scene on submissive abc last night” is not ok.

However, “I saw an incredible flogging scene last night at Columbia Unwound; a dom(me) did blah blah blah and the sub responded thus and so” is acceptable. If you need further explanation of this policy, please see the management.


Keep it clean.

  • Leave a safe and clean space for the next guest after your scene. Equipment must be adequately sanitized after each use by you. Cleaning supplies such as chux (those blue underpad thingy’s), will be provided.
  •  Please use a tarp, drop cloth or chux during any scene that could, would, or should be considered messy, especially on furniture. This includes ANY bodily fluid spills, squirts, or splatters.
  •  Absolutely no uncontained ejaculations, male or female.

 Any violation of these rules can lead to an immediate ejection from the venue without refund and a permanent ban from the venue and future events. Columbia Unwound, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse admission/entry to anyone for any reason.