Private Event / "House" Rules

Confidentiality is important, respect others and their privacy inside and outside of our House, discretion is a must. You are required to be dressed appropriately and discretely when arriving, congregating outside, and leaving. Arriving dressed inappropriately can result in the denial of entry.


• The use of CAMERAS or other RECORDING EQUIPMENT (to include cell phones with picture/video/audio recording capabilities) IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED and violators of this policy will be removed from the event without refund. Columbia Unwound reserves the right to confiscate any camera or recording device and delete or destroy any pictures/media taken. Any attempt to record, photograph or video anyone or any portion of a Columbia Unwound event for any reason, to include purposes of private use, publication or broadcast is strictly prohibited and WILL result in civil litigation against you and any organization that you may represent.
In the rare case that a Columbia Unwound event may have photographer(s) on staff taking photos, attendees will be notified prior to arrival and again upon entry. Only those who have signed a photography waiver and are clearly identifiable or those who are in pre-designated areas where photos are allowed will be photographed. Photographers will be clearly identifiable with lanyards and badges.

• Privacy is a top priority and Columbia Unwound emphasizes the importance of preserving the anonymity of our events, locations, hosts, and guests. You are prohibited from sharing the address of any private venue and or related information with anybody, even if they appear on an RSVP list. Distribution of the address is the purview and discretion of the event organizers only.

• Attendance to Columbia Unwound events are limited to only those who have or are in the company of those who have RSVP’d and appear on the final guest list. Anyone who does not appear on the final guest list will not, under any circumstances be admitted.

• Consent and Respect, all play and contact with others must be consensual, nobody at a Columbia Unwound event is expected to play or participate in a scene. Do not touch anyone in any way without express permission, NO means NO regardless of how it is said, there is no such thing as "implied consent" within Columbia Unwound, and by entering our House, you agree to treat all hosts, staff, DMs, assistants, volunteers and attendees with the utmost respect.

• Upon Entering
1. Predatory behavior, antagonistic or prejudicial behavior, and hurtful or malicious behavior will not be tolerated at any time.
2. Columbia Unwound events are non-smoking though designated areas will be provided for those who do smoke.
3. Cell phones, pagers and or watch alarms must be set to silent.
4. No refunds shall be given.
5. All bags are subject to search (by Managers and DM’s only).
6. You agree to abide by RACK behavior at all times! (Risk-aware consensual kink).

• Events are BYOA (Bring You Own Alcohol). You are responsible for bringing your own drinks, we cannot and do not provide alcohol. You are also required to be responsible for yourself, which means, you may drink but you may not become drunk. Arriving at an event inebriated, or becoming while attending will result in your being asked to leave immediately at the expense of your own taxi if necessary.
Check event details as some event may be alcohol free.
• You must be at least 21 years of age to enter unless the event has specified otherwise. Be sure to bring valid identification as you may be asked to provide it upon entry or at any time during an event.
• You may not engage in ANY play if you are considered to be under the influence, and the DM has the right to prohibit or intercede in any scene if you are deemed to be so.

• Columbia Unwound will not tolerate the possession, distribution, solicitation and or use of illegal drugs of any kind, nor the consumption of alcoholic beverages by anyone less than 21 years of age.
• Offering or agreeing to perform, or performing any act of prostitution of any kind is strictly forbidden, the solicitation, and or negotiations of compensation for sexual services ARE ILLEGAL and are not tolerated. “Scene” professionals may not receive payment for services rendered, or negotiate for future services during Columbia Unwound events.
• If approached for any of these purposes, report this immediately to the DM. Violators of these policies will be immediately removed, permanently banned and the appropriate authorities notified.

• Keeping a clean environment, Columbia Unwound strives to provide a safe and clean space for all guests. You are expected to do your part in maintaining that space by cleaning up after yourself; cleaning supplies are provided for any incidents that may occur. No nude bodies are allowed on furniture without a blanket, towel, chux, or something between you and said furniture.

Any violation of these rules can lead to an immediate ejection from the venue without refund and a permanent ban from the venue and future events. Columbia Unwound, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse admission/entry to anyone for any reason.