Columbia Unwound's Vetting Policy is as follows...

  • Longstanding, active members and individuals who regularly attend Columbia Unwound events, social or otherwise, will have preference on private event RSVP lists. What this means is, the more we see you and get to know you the more likely it will be that you will make the RSVP list over those we've only met once, twice, or not at all.
  • Following the previous section, individuals and couples will then be added in the order in which they have RSVP'ed to the event until the number of guest has been reached or RSVP has closed. Columbia Unwound may allow those who RSVP late or after the limit has been reached at their discretion.
  • Event information WILL NOT be sent to anyone who is RSVP'ed as MAYBE at the time RSVP has closed, active member or not.
  • Event information WILL NOT be sent to anyone who has what CU deems and incomplete profile, e.g. nothing, or only one or two lines in the About Me section.
  • RSVP lists are finalized at the discretion of the Host and Columbia Unwound, we reserve the right to deny ANYONE entry to an event without reason given.